Goodman Masonry Heat


High performance masonry heaters are a very exciting technology. The proven technology has been around for centuries in Europe.  Also known as Kachelofens, Grundofens, Swedish, Finnish and Russian Fireplaces.

Masonry heaters burn wood in an environmentally friendly way.  The burn is hot and fast.  Then the heat is stored in the masonry mass and slowly released through-out the day.  Wood  burned in this fashion offers very low emissions. 

Once you experience a masonry heaters you will be amazed at the comfort they offer.  Gentle radiant heat is given off from the masonry mass, never to hot. 

They are easy to operate one or two fires a day is all that is required.  No pumps or fans to break down. They offer you and your family security from power failure as they do not require electricity.  
Options that can be added to your masonry heater are heated benches and bake ovens. 

Heating your home with wood makes sense.  Wood is a young fuel. It takes 20 to 40 yrs to grow a tree, unlike oil or natural gas.  Wood is a surface fuel, you don't have to drill or dig to find it.  Wood is a renewable fuel and must be properly managed.  Cut down a tree, plant two or three to replace.

If your building a new home, consider using a passive solar design.  There are many books that explain  passive solar home design. 

Insulate insulate insulate.  Use technologically advanced insulation techniques.  A well insulated home will consume less fuel and will require a smaller heater.

When designing  your home try to place the heater in the center of the home to take full advantage of the radiating surfaces of the heater.  You can use the heater as a room divider. 

Masonry heaters can also  be retrofitted into existings homes.

Goodman masonry heat can design and build a high performance heating system that will provide years of comfort and safety.

Goodman masonry heat is located south of  Rochester, New York and north of the beautiful finger lakes region.