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Delving into masonry heaters business I noticed a lot of heater builders were building wood fired bake ovens.  Wood fired bake ovens share  many of the attributes of masonry heaters.  They burn a charge of wood at a high rate,  they store the heat and radiate it back to the food.  This way of cooking has been around for centuries. Communal bake ovens in Canada and Europe were a gathering place for people to bake bread.  In the last couple of years there has been a resurgence of locally grown and baked food.  

If you would like to experience a masonry heater and learn about all the benefits that these heating appliances can offer or if you would like to enjoy some wood fired pizza.  Contact us.

Goodman Masonry Heat can design/build a masonry heater that will fit your needs.  We are located south of Rochester and northwest of the beautiful finger lakes region of New York State.