Masonry Heaters  We are capable of building Finnish Contraflow, Swedish 5 Channel,  Russian Bell, Kachelofens, and Grundofens. The heaters can be faced with brick, stone, ceramics, stucco and soapstone 

Finger Lakes Region Seneca Lake New York Five Channel Soapstone Heater

Wood Fired Bake Ovens and Cook Stoves.  We have experience with dome, barrel vault, and rectangular vault ovens


Goodman Masonry Heat was established in 2004

Goodman Masonry Heat was established in 2004 out of our facination with the European tradition of wood heating. We heat our own home with a masonry heater because of the gentle radiant heat that the heater produces. The security it provides knowing that it requires no electricity to operate and we can use any type of cordwood as long as it is dry and the safety it offers, when fired properly it creates no creosote.  As a member of the Masonry Heater Association, the premier Association whose purpose is to promote the industry and sponsor research. I have worked with founding members learning the great tradition of heater building. I have traveled throughout the U.S.. and Canada building these wonderful wood heating appliances. 


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