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BioFire Stucco Heater

Masonry Heaters

Masonry heaters can be small room heaters all the way up to large complex heaters with heated benches and firewood storage. Masonry Heaters can also be room dividers with the  firebox  facing the living room and the bake accessible from the kitchen I prefer to build heaters with seating areas where the family can gather and enjoy the warmth. The heater can be used year round as a seating area, warm in the winter and cool in the summer. That way you are not losing valuable space.  Masonry heaters are built out of refractory bricks, castable concrete and soapstone. The  heater can be faced with any masonry material, i.e. brick, stucco, ceramics, stone, soapstone.

Bake Ovens

Wood fired bake ovens allow you to cook with wood in a unique way. Wood fired bakes ovens utilize the three way of heat transfer conduction, convection, and radiation.  Bake ovens can be square rectangular , and round


What I have discovered is that people are purchasing homes with masonry heaters installed in them and they have no ideal how they function.  Masonry heaters are a relatively new technology to North America and many people are unfamiliar with them and they fire them incorrectly causing damage which will require a repair. 

Scott Goodman owner Goodman Masonry Heat.

I first discovered masonry heaters while touring a passive solar home. The homeowners explained how it burned wood at very high temperatures and then the exhaust gases flowed through channels that extracted the heat. The heater kept their home warm and comfortable and they were very happy with it. I then turned to the internet to learn more about them. I joined the Masonry Heater Association in 2003 and traveled through out the U.S.. and Canada attending workshops and assisting other heater builders.  I am capable of building Finnish Contaflow, Swedish Kakelugn, Russian Bell, Austrian, Soapstone, Grundofens and Kachelofens.